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10 year signage, guaranteed.

Looking for signs that are durable, affordable and fully guaranteed? Check out our IMPACT and Aluminate sign products.

Guaranteed for 10 years against fading, mechanical failure, delamination, acts of nature and vandalism.

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Often as Heritage Interpreters we have a vision of what we want but lack the resources to make it happen. Page Graphics provides our in house design and fabrication services to bring your parks and trail projects to life. We design and fabricate interpretive signage and media to compliment your vision. For over 20 years we have been building indoor and outdoor exhibits for museums, arboreta, nature centres and parks across Canada.


Let's Get Digital!

Easily, and affordably, add digital experiences to your interpretive project. Whether it is a smartphone experience triggered by QR codes or GPS coordinates, or a solar powered interactive with touchless pushbuttons, we can help you achieve it. 

Need more than just a signmaker?
From planning to installation. We have you covered.

Page Graphics offers our clients full service from the beginning to the end of your interpretive project. Our services include:

  • Interpretive and conceptual planning and development of key themes.

  • Research and copy development, image sourcing and licensing.

  • Illustration, mapping and GPS waypoint marking, 3D modelling and design, drone photography, .

  • Fabrication including welding, powder coating, model and interactive fabrication, sign panel fabrication, 3D printing, sand-casting, etc.

  • Software (app) development including asset creation (audio files, interactive illustrations, UX design, and more) and hosting.

  • Installation including engineering reviews, locates, groundscrew (foundation) installation and panel attachment.

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